Welcome to Svanfolk Holiday Rentals

Svanfolk Holiday Rentals is a former farmhouse situated in the beautiful area of East Himmerland, North Jutland, Denmark. In this delightful part of the countryside you can enjoy a cosy and relaxing break from everyday life.

Svanfolk is a small hamlet near Skibsted, just south of the town of Kongerslev and about 30km south of the city of Aalborg.

On the edge of Lille Vildmose Nature Reserve, Svanfolk Holiday Rentals makes a great base for exploring the natural delights of the area. The famous forest of Rold and the hills of Rebild are within easy reach by either car or bicycle.

Visit the Lille Vildmose Visitor Centre based around the raised bog of Lille Vildmose. The area was formed on part of a Stone Age sea bed that rose after the last Ice Age when the glaciers receded. The centre has an exhibition area with cinema & auditorium, an experimentarium, a café and a viewing tower.

Bring your bicycles and take a daytrip along The Hadsund Route (21). This is an old railway line, which has been converted into a bicycle track. The Hadsund Route passes through the meadow opposite our house and runs from the town of Hadsund in the south to the city of Aalborg in the north. It takes you through some of East Himmerland’s most striking landscape.

The Hadsund route joins with The Bælum Route (27), which runs west to the forest of Rold and the town of Skørping. There is a wealth of interesting things to see and do along the bicycle tracks of North Jutland. We will be more than pleased to suggest places to visit. You can also check the links on our website for more information on places to visit and things to do.

For information and offers send an email to mail@svanfolk-bb.dk or telephone (+45) 9813 1531
Svanfolk Holiday Rentals • Svanfolkvej 15 • Svanfolk • DK-9293 Kongerslev • Tlf. +45 9813 1531